Aniversario …..

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Soms is het leuk om een repost te doen 🙂



When two souls are so different, but in a deeper way meant to be together . ❤️

Relationships for me are to see who you really are, to discover the best but also the less in you. What i see is most of the relationships ( not only between partners ) these days don’t want to confront themselves anymore to bring themselves and the relationship on a higher level. What i see is a lack of self reflection and responsibility..

Ups and lots of downs and hard working made that today we are 17 years married and 26 years soul mates ❤️

Grazie Fede, you let me see what i needed to see 🙏🏻.





3 gedachten over “Aniversario …..

    egoecho zei:
    juli 30, 2017 om 1:14 pm

    Super!! Van harte gefeliciteerd! 😀

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